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Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are a must for a real Hollywood smile, since they are the only appliances that allow the exact positioning of the teeth. Today fixed braces are nothing unusual: around 40% of all children have them. If they are taken care of well, braces can actually look pretty cute! By using tooth-colored ceramic brackets the braces can be made less conspicuous; adding colorful rubber bands can even make them look trendy.

How do fixed braces look like

For fixed tooth braces so-called brackets, small knobs, are stuck in a given place on the tooth. This bracket is a small technical wonder, and is programmed to position the tooth as it is later desired to be.

An archwire made of flexible metal is inserted into the bracket which positions the teeth in the jaw depending upon strength and form so that this program can have maximum effect. Because fixed brackets remain for 24 hours per day in the jaw, this gives you a very efficient and fast tooth movement.

The treatment requires less co-operation from the patient and thus always makes a perfect smile possible.The treatment with the fixed tooth bracket can be quicker, not with ready-made brackets, but by working with individualized archwires. Follow us in to the suresmile® Center.

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Metal Brackets

Metal Brackets

A very robust and reliable example of the fixed brace. We use Minibrackets, the smallest brackets extant, and nickel-free brackets for those suffering from allergic reactions...

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Self-ligating Brackets

Self-ligating Brackets

Self-ligating brackets do not need additional rubber or metal ligatures for merging the wires. This reduces friction during tooth movement...

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suresmile® makes the difference

suresmile® makes the difference

We are pleased to be able to offer to you, as the first practice in Europe, a new and revolutionary technology for the fixed brace. suresmile® offers many advantages. Experience why suresmile®...

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Ceramic Brackets

Ceramic Brackets

Ceramic brackets are very inconspicuous and are an often selected form of the firm bracket with adults, due to an outstanding price performance ratio...

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