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Costs and Financing

Publicly insured patients

The treatment of adults is not usually covered by public health insurance companies, unless it is a serious jaw malposition that must be corrected by jaw surgery, or there is clearly a correctible temporomandibular joint problem causing malpositioned teeth.

Even if the health insurance company takes over the medical costs, the patient must pay the first 20 % of the bill, which is then refunded after successful conclusion of treatment. Specific treatments, like almost invisible brackets, detailed functional analysis of the temporomandibular joint, wires made out of special materials, or surface seals with fluoride, are not covered by public health insurance. These supplementary treatments must be paid for by the patient.

Privately insured patients

If you are privately insured, it depends on your insurance policy whether and to what extent the medical costs are covered by your private insurance company.


Please remember that an orthodontic treatment can be deducted as an extraordinary expense on the income tax return. An orthodontic treatment will quickly exceed the so-called free allowance so that the costs can be reduce your tax bill.

When will be paid?

The regular way is always invoicing at the end of the quarter only for the services provided up to this period. There is also the option of financing, in which case fixed monthly installments are collected by direct debit. Please also ask us about individual payment options.

Still open questions?

Then feel free to contact our staff and doctors by e-mail, we will answer your questions promptly.

You can also reach us by phone during the indicated office hours:

Berlin-Mitte 0 30 – 31 17 474-0
Lichtenrade 0 30 – 76 76 603-0
Mahlow 0 33 79 – 31 499-0
Teltow 0 33 28 – 339 513-0
Schulzendorf 0 33 762 – 46 255-0

At ADENTICS you have two ways of payment:

ADENTICS Immediate Payment

Patients at ADENTICS receive their bills at the end of each quarter for services rendered. These bills can be paid individually, interest-free, in 12-month installments.

ADENTICS Top36 Financing

With our exclusive ADENTICS Top 36 program, you can conveniently pay your treatment costs in 36 monthly installments, interest-free. The calculated amount is automatically deducted from your account each month by direct debit.

Instalment plans

Thanks to our invoicing company Health AG, we are able to offer our patients attractive instalment plans. These models can cover an entire treatment, but also individual invoices, and are interest-free for up to 12 months. Beyond this term the length of financing determines the level of the interest charges.

The advantages for you are:

  • Health AG lets you pay your invoice in interest-free instalments, with a maximum of convenience and a minimum of bureaucracy.
  • The friendly patient service of our financing service can be reached Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm, and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.
  • You can also ask your questions any time at the Health AG patient portal. Your access data will be sent along with your invoice.

Supplementary Dental Insurance

Waizmann Table

The Waizmann Table offers a neutral market overview of supplementary dental insurance. The Waizmann Table was presented for the first time by Hans Waizmann in 2004 and is reviewed and updated on a regular basis. With this independent insurance overview, dentists are in a position to offer patients a compact and respectable market overview of supplementary dental insurance.

Under www.hanswaizmann.de you can find out which insurance is suitable for you, free of charge and without any obligation.

What you should know about dental insurance

A German-language PDF for downloading from the Dental Assocation Landeszahnärztekammer Brandenburg (LZKB) from its newsletter “Brand-Aktuell” (Issue 5/2010). Under www.hanswaizmann.de you can determine what insurance is best for you, free of charge with no obligation to purchase.

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