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At our ADENTICS practice in Berlin-Mitte we offer our patients and referrers a cutting-edge 3D volume tomograph.

DVT - Digital Volume Tomography

For precise, reliable diagnostics


3D diagnostics and treatment planning offer the orthodontist and the patient an unexpected degree of security, for instance for operations on the paranasal sinuses.

3D HNO 1 3D HNO 2

DVT - Digital Volume Tomography

Today a DVT image is the preferred tool for differential diagnosis of ENT findings in the midface region. To avoid subjecting the patient to the high radiation emissions of a CT, an image of similar precision is rendered with our system, for instance, to produce 3D images of all of the sinus cavities.

3d roentgen aufnahmevolumen

Course of treatment

ENT specialists send their patients to us with a brief description of the area to be examined and we record a DVT image immediately. The patient receives the file immediately on a DVD with a viewer; a few days later, we send a short radiological report directly to the referring practice. If you are a doctor trained in digital volume tomography, you can, of course, write the finding yourself.

ModeVolumeScanning SpeedVoxel Size
Standard 16 cm Ø x 13 cm 8,5 s 0,4 mm oder 0,3 mm
High Resolution 16 cm Ø x 13 cm 24 s 0,2 mm
Ultra-high Resolution 8 cm Ø x 8 cm 24 s 0,12 mm
Single-Scan TMJ Mode 23 cm Ø x 17 cm 8,5 s 0,4 mm
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