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Course of Treatment

Have you noticed that something's not quite right (or different) about your child’s teeth? Perhaps your child’s school dentist or your family dentist has suggested that orthodontic treatment might be necessary.

The orthodontic treatment of children and infants requires special attention. Since many malpositions can be corrected through growth control, careful examination of other parameters is key. Difficulties breathing through the nose can cause a narrow jaw; a malfunction of the tongue can cause an open bite, and teeth lost too early can cause crowding.

We would be happy to advise you about the necessity of treatment and available treatment options. You can make a non-binding appointment with us by calling +49 30 – 76 76 60 30 or contact us using the online form.

Important documents for the examination

Patients are requested to fill in a anamnesis questionnaire and a consent declaration, both of which can be printed out at home before your appointment. Your insurance card is also required.

If you have any current x-rays or models of the denture, it would be helpful if you could bring them along to the first appointment. Alternatively, we are happy to request such documentation and materials from your dentist or orthodontist.

First Appointment: Clinical diagnostics

At the first appointment, you describe the problem and we take a picture to record orthodontic information and provide ourselves with an impression of the general dental health of your child. If X-rays are necessary to assess the situation, these can be taken quickly with our low-radiation digital X-ray system and evaluated immediately. The general situation can be assessed already during the first appointment.

If an orthodontic treatment is desired, further diagnostic material is required. This can be gathered immediately; depending on the findings and available material, this process takes 5 to 25 minutes. Alternatively, you can make another appointment for this work. Our physicians evaluate all X-rays and models in detail.

If a cost estimate for your health insurance company is required, the treatment plan must be submitted first. We will prepare this submission.

Second Appointment: Orthodontic treatment plan

At your next appointment, the therapy options are presented. If you then decide to undergo treatment in our practice, we submit the plan to your health insurance company. As soon as we get a response we contact you and treatment can begin.

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