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suresmile® lingual – Invisible braces, fast and precise.

Invisible Braces -
suresmile® lingual

We are one of the first practices in the world able to offer you the proven suresmile® lingual treatment technology for lingual fixed appliances. In this technique the brackets and wires are applied to the inner (lingual) side of the teeth.

suresmile® lingual treatment is our most advanced alternative for the orthodontic treatment of patients, athletes, and VIPs who require an optimal treatment. We use only state-of-the-art, computer-aided technologies and materials.

Suresmile: The direct path to a perfect smile
suresmile®: The direct path to a perfect smile.
Suresmile Zahnspange Unsichtbar Charlotte
The braces are bonded onto the inner side of the teeth, facing the tongue, so that they are invisible during normal daily activities.
suresmile® can reduce your treatment time by up to 33%.*

*Sachdeva et al. J Clin Orthod 2005; 39:297 - 314 Saxe et al. World J Orthod 2010; 11:16 - 22 Alford et al. Angle Orthod 2011; 81:383 - 8

No increased risk of injury during sports and play or in case of an accident. No risk of visible tooth discoloration or edges after removing the brackets, as they are bonded onto the inner side of the teeth.
The digital treatment technique allows a very precise and predictable result. With the use of high-precision robotically bent suresmile® archwires we can achieve exactly the desired results.
Suresmile Vorteile
3D volume tomography
We are the first practice in Europe that can display dental roots digitally and move this image three-dimensionally with our 3D volume tomography and suresmile®. Especially in conjunction with jaw surgery, this allows unparalleled depth of diagnostic planning.
More information about 3D volume tomography
Less pain
The brace is friction reduced and allows quicker and more gentle repositioning of the teeth.
Fewer appointments
The computer controlled tooth movement allows us to reduce the number of treatment steps.

Treatment period
suresmile® step-by-step

  • Diagnosis

    1. Step: Diagnosis

    Before treatment begins, the patient is examined and diagnosed in detail to work out an individualized treatment program.

  • Scan

    2. Step: Scan

    At the beginning of treatment your teeth are scanned with the SureSmile® OraScanner or 3D volume tomography. A 3D model of your denture is made in the digital laboratory.

  • 3D-Treatment Planning

    3. Step: 3D-Treatment Planning

    Now the entire treatment procedure is simulated for every single tooth movement with the SureSmile® 3D treatment planning software to come up with a digital design for the wires.

  • suresmile® – Robots Bend Wire

    4. suresmile® – Robots Bend Wire

    The final step is for the SureSmile® robot to bend all wires according to the digital design made to measure for your denture. These "intelligent" wires are the most efficient wires in orthodontics today.

Advantages and Disadvantages
of suresmile® lingual


  • suresmile® lingual – Invisible, fast and precise On the lingual side of the teeth, the bonding of the fixed appliance is completely invisible in the upper jaw, and nearly invisible in the lower jaw. Short treatment times are possible thanks to treatment planning on the computer, using the state-of-the-art suresmile® software.
  • The most accurate treatment results, due to the use of highly precise, robotically bent wires (suresmile®).
  • Improvement in tooth alignment during all stages of the treatment (even at the beginning) because the appliance does not hide the teeth's surface
  • Even and smooth tooth repositioning, important for the aesthetic appearance, take place at the beginning of treatment. The fine-tuning takes up the lion's share of the overall treatment.
  • No risk of visible discoloration of the teeth, and no borders after debonding, because bonding is done on the non-visible lingual side of the teeth.
  • No increased risk of injury due to sports, or accidents.
  • For adults: No adverse effect on kissing!


  • Often a longer period of acclimatization, approx. 2 weeks
  • May impede speech until patient can compensate
  • More expensive, not covered by insurance


Publicly insured patients
Treatment is covered only in part. We will inform you of the additional costs in our practice and are happy to discuss financing plans.
Privately insured patients
The costs are covered by the private health insurance companies. However, we advise that you submit and receive approval of our cost estimate before beginning treatment.
Financing is possible, please speak with us about it. See also Costs

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