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Diagnosis and Course of Treatment

Conditions of Treatment

While age does not play a role in an orthodontic treatment, a healthy structure surrounding and supporting the teeth is an important prerequisite.
Requirements for treatment.

  • The teeth should be cavity-free.
  • The structure surrounding and supporting the teeth and the roots must not show any inflammation.
  • All fillings should at least have provisional treatment. However, we advise against comprehensive renewal of prosthetics before beginning orthodontic treatment. Quite often the bite and the tooth profile are changed as the teeth shift in position, so that some correction and readjustment by the orthodontist may be necessary.

We would be happy to coordinate the pre-treatment steps with your regular dentist. All teeth should be free of cavities. If pre-treatment with your dentist is required, we can coordinate this during the first appointment.

Remember to bring the following documents:

  • We ask our patients to fill out a Anmeldebogen (PDF, 144 KB), to get first impression of the patient's history.
  • We also need the insurance card from legally insured patients.
  • If current X-rays or models have been made, it would be helpful if you could bring these along to your first appointment. We can request any additional information from your dentist or orthodontist as needed.

Treatment procedure

At the first appointment, the orthodontic findings are examined and the possibilities of treatment described. You are also advised about the costs of each different treatment. You do not have to decide immediately; please consider our treatment proposals thoroughly before making a decision. In order to provide a detailed treatment plan, orthodontic analysis on the basis of a jaw model, radiographs and photos are required. These technical aids can be produced on site at any time. On the basis of this information we can provide an orthodontic treatment plan (with a statement of costs) that will be discussed in detail at the second appointment.

Then treatment can begin.

First Appointment:
Clinical diagnostics

The purpose of the first appointment is to find out what you want, take a look at treatment options and then examine your teeth, the position of your teeth and jaw, and the way you chew.

Then we discuss the findings with you and propose a treatment plan. If further tests are necessary, such as X-rays, photographs or jaw models, we can provide these immediately on site, or order these from your family dentist/previous dentist. If you are not convinced at the first appointment, a second consultation is advised. Bring along a friend or relative to the second appointment, so that you can return home together and compare notes.

Second Appointment:
Orthodontic treatment plan

To provide you with a cost estimate, we will supply the necessary data and make a second appointment. At this appointment we take time to discuss our evaluations of your data in great detail. We present you with the treatment plan and cost estimate at this meeting. The next step is to submit this orthodontic treatment plan to your health insurance company, if you are privately insured. If you have public insurance, we will walk you through the planning approval procedure.

Third Appointment:
Treatment Begins

When the treatment plan has been approved by the insurance company or your consent for treatment has been received, we can begin treatment immediately.

Your beautiful smile should not wait any longer.

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